Four multimedia artists have created work for the next stage of the quarantine: where the dominant arts venue is still home, but our circles are larger, our attention is not solely on isolation, and our appetite is to not spend all day on screens.

All experiences are free and open to all and they are accompanied by printed matter that will be sent to you via the USPS. More details coming soon. 


(L-R) Andrew Livingston, Jeffrey Young, Dave Ruder, Gelsey Bell, Paul Pinto, Erin Rogers. Photo by Reuben Radding.


UNTITLED (premiere)

New music omnivores thingNY have created an at-home, month-long, multimedia piece centering around cartography, land rights, colonization and routine. Through a variety of interactive websites, geolocation sound walks, gifts delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, and musical board games, thingNY’s newest work is being collaboratively created for and because of the artistic and political reflections about “our land and our space”, given that the past year has forced us to occupy the smallest sliver of those things.

Viola Yip


(Berkeley + Berlin)
UNTITLED (premiere)

Composer, performer and light artist, Viola Yip was slated to perform at 2020’s festival. This year, Viola teams up with composer, vocalist and sound artist Ken Ueno to create a multi-media installation adapted to their nine-hour time difference.

Audra Wolowiec. Photo by Anna Bauer


(New York)

2014 Look + Listen artist and printmaker Audra Wolowiec will compile printed matter and visual ideas from all the festival artists, as well as original creations into a chapbook, which acts as festival program, conceptual art piece and activity book.

Mendi + Keith Obadike


(New Jersey)
LULL: a sleep temple (2020)

Mendi+Keith close the festival with a few overnight performances of their latest album. Accompanied by a little “sleep kit”, each event will take place in a different time zone, beginning with a brief online chat and then a simultaneously experienced “sonic environment for sleep.”

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